AEF LLC and its Performance Inflatables affiliate Subsalve are engaged in the fight against Covid-19. While continuing to supply our existing customers with essential products, in a matter of weeks we have developed high impact new products to supplement our existing products used in a variety of emergencies and national disasters. In partnership with leading Universities, Research Hospitals and Tech companies we are supporting the development of clinical protocols to aid in the rapid deployment of the Subsalve Oxygen Treatment Hoods. Please see our Covid-19 products page for more information


Auxiliary Power Unit Kit

AEF’s custom Power Unit Auxiliary kit provides extended run time for your already existing Power Generators. With a total combined volume of 20,000 gallons, and dual reservoirs, it provides the ability to maintain and refill during continuous use. Originally designed for military with for 800kw generators supporting remote operation bases, commercial options can be customized to accommodate the wide variety of uses and conditions in the public sector. 


Standard accessories include:

4” Drylock Fill Port

4” Hose/ Valve Interconnection System

2 – 10,000 Gallon Bladders w/ Ground Sheets

1 – 60’ Hose

¾” Three Way Manifold 

3 – ¾” x 74’ Hose

2 – Secondary Containment Berm Liners

Grounding Rods, Materials, and Tooling

Each AEF product is 100% tested prior to shipping.
Product Details

Bulk Diesel Storage

Ideal for:

  • Emergency Power 
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Operations

Safety and Ease-of Use

  • Lower profile solution
  • Can be stored in open spaces
  • Extreme climates compatibility
  • Encapsulated Seam Technology
  • Rugged material construction
  • Can be successfully stored outdoors – closed system
  • Rapid Field Deployment
  • UV Resistant

Product Specifications

Military Grade Polyurethane (Fuel)

  • Size Ranges: 1,000 – 300,ooo US Gallons
  • Working Temperature: -25° to 160° F
  • Fabric Nylon Polymer: Nylon Base Fabric
  • Standard Color: Desert Tan
  • Discharge & Drain Ports: 2”, 4” or 6” Fill/Discharge and Drain Ports
  • Permeability: 0.06 fl-oz/sq-yd/day
  • Coated Fabric: Coated fabric 35 to 62 Oz/yd2 (Heavy Fabric)
  • Puncture Resistance: High puncture resistance (150 to 225 lbs, min.)
  • Fittings: Chemically and mechanically bonded fittings
  • Storage Capacity: Storage capability for JP8, JP5, Diesel, and Aviation Gasoline


Technical Data & Specifications

Tank Storage capacity (per tank) – 10,000gal (37,850 l)

Tank Length – 264” (6.7m)

Tank Width – 264” (6.7m)

Est. Fill Height – 48” (1.2m)


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