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Landing Craft Air Cushion

Landing Craft Air Cushion on Water

Landing Craft Air Cushion on Land

Landing Craft Air Cushion

Landing Craft Air Cushion on Water

Built for the impossible situation

AEF is one of two major suppliers of the Navy’s LCAC skirt system. Upon proof of concept, Bell Aerospace and Avon Rubber PLC (a British based company) partnered to form Bell Avon (now AEF, llc) to supply the first skirts. AEF was originally the sole supplier for the Navy’s LCAC program. Approval for full production was granted in 1987. A total of ninety-one LCAC were built along with the next generation Craft, LCAC-100, in current production.

Each AEF product is 100% tested prior to shipping.
Product Details

Materials used for the Navy’s LCAC (Landing Craft, Air Cushion) are high strength coated fabrics consisting of a nylon base cloth and an elastomer coating.  Coatings utilized are proprietary formulated Neoprene and Natural Rubber, depending on the component. Different weight fabrics are utilized depending on characteristics required per individual components, and each conforming to specific quality and adhesion testing requirements.

Optional Sizes and Dimensions

The LCAC is configured into thirteen Segments ranging from 600 – 1,500 US lbs. that encompass the 88’ (26.4m) X 47’ (14.3m) Hull.

The AEF Promise

Each AEF product is tested prior to shipping.

Custom sizes available.

All AEF are compliant with associated ASTMs and Military Specs.

Technical Data & Specifications
BuilderTextron Marine and Land Systems/Avondale Gulfport Marine
Date Deployed1982
PropulsionLegacy: 4 Lycoming/AlliedSignal TF-40B gas turbines (2 for propulsion / 2 for lift); 16,000 hp sustained; 2-shrouded reversible pitch airscrews; 4-double-entry fans, centrifugal or mixed flow (lift)
Service Life Extension Program (SLEP): 4 Vericor Power Systems ETF-40B gas turbines with Full Authority Digital Engine Control
Length87 feet 11 inches (26.4 meters)
Beam47 feet (14.3 meters)
Displacement87.2 long tons (88.6 metric tons) light; 170–182 long tons (173–185 metric tons) full load
Speed40+ knots (46+ mph; 74+ km/h) with full load, 70+ knots maximum speed
Range200 nmi at 40 knots (370 km at 75 km/h) with payload
300 nmi at 35 knots (550 km at 65 km/h) with payloa
Load60 long tons/75 long tons overload (54/68 metric tons)
Military lift180 troops or one MBT
ArmamentTwo 12.7 mm machine guns. Gun mounts can support the M2HB .50 cal machine gun, Mk 19 Mod 3 40 mm grenade launcher, or the M60 machine gun. Tests conducted with GAU-13 30 mm gatling gun
RadarNavigation: Marconi LN-66; I-band Source: LCAC U.S. Navy Fact File

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